Sniper Games

Sniper Freedom

Sniper Freedom
No Prison Can Hold Me! One mean dude wants out of prison, and it's your job to help! Use your superior sniper skills to make the perfect getaway. But be careful; one false shot and you're caught!

Sneaky Sniper 2

Sneaky Sniper 2
Perform Your Deadly Duty! Yours is not to Reason Why; Yours is but to Shoot or Die. Follow your sniperistic instructions to make it to the next mission, buddy.

Sniper Assassin 5: Final Mission

Sniper Assassin 5: Final Mission
Revenge Has Never Tasted Sweeter. Ben is dead. Shawn wants revenge, but he needs to shoot a bunch of people first. Read your mission assignments carefully; save your lead for people who deserve it.


Shoot and kill terrorists to retain the nuclear missles.

Hired Guns 2

Go from local hitman to corporate assassin in Hired Gun 2.

The Strangers 2

The Strangers 2 is a sniper game very similar to the extremely popular flash game: The Strangers.


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