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Pencil Racer XL

Pencil Racer XL
Draw it, Play it, Save it, Share it! More vehicles! New art shapes! Easier to draw, easier to share! The XL is for Excellence!


Addict yourself to this 50-level physics puzzle! You won't regret! Every tenth level is the bonus (special) one. Game task is to free yourself from the bubble in which you are imprisoned.

Insane Aquarium

Get your insane aquarium goldfish to grow bigger and bigger till he's eating all the fish! If you're not big enough yet, look out for puffers, swordfish and deadly sharks.

Totem Destroyer 2

Here comes the second part of the pick-a-stick puzzle skill game 'Totem Destroyer'. And again you have to click away all removeable boxes and tiles.

Totem Destroyer

Destroy the totems without letting the golden idol fall to the ground. Use your knowledge of gravity to keep the idol from touching the ground.

Magic Pen

Draw shapes and allow the rules of physics to do the rest.

Fish Tales

You've gotta learn it's a fish-eat-fish world if you wanna grow up.

Sketch a Match

Demonstrate some steady sketching to win this game!


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